There are many advantages of having HID. High Intensity Brightness; HID Bulbs are 3 times brighter than the average halogen lamp.

Longevity; HID Bulbs have longer life than the halogen lamp, which can last up to 2500 hours or more.


Energy efficient; HID bulbs only draws 35W of power while a normal halogen lamp consumes 55W, while producing less brightness.  In addition, unlike the halogen lamp (which has filament inside the bulb), the filament is easily broken and once it breaks, the bulb will no longer work.


With HID, there is no filament inside the bulb, instead there is Xenon Gas.  Since there is no filament inside the HID bulb, there will be no failure bulbs causing by the break of filament for all HID bulbs.  Color; HID Bulb will produce whiter light beam that would illuminate the road ahead to produce better visibility and create a safer driving condition and ultimately reduce accidents.




What are the advantages of LED?



There are three main factors contributing to the advantages of LED headlights:



(1) Excellent Visibility

LED headlights produces a clean, crisp bright white light that mimics the sun's Kelvin temperatures (about 6000K). Well designed LED headlights reduces glare for oncoming traffic and focuses the beam output to where you need it most (via Projector Lens).



(2) Robust Durability

LED utilizes a solid-state build. This means that they have no breakable glass chambers and/or filaments, which are commonly found in Halogen and HID Bulbs. Because LED bulbs are typically more impact resistant than its Halogen or HID counterpart, they are ideal choice for vehicles driving over harsher terrain.



(3) Unparalleled Longevity

The main advantage LEDs have would be its superior lifespan when compared to Halogen and/or HID Bulbs. Current LED technology can emit comparable lumen output (when compared to HID), while consuming the fraction of the power.