Congratulations on your new vehicle lighting purchase! As you open and unwrap your item, we kindly suggest taking the the time to follow th short checklist below to ensure a simple, hassle free Installation on your vehicle:



Check the Condition

We here at Unique Style Racing go to great lengths to properly pack and ship each item we sell to ensure that our buyers receive their Lighting Purchase in Brand New Condition with all Features and Functions tested prior to shipment. However, in some rare cases, Items may become damaged in transit. For this reason, we recommend checking the condition of your purchase prior to install to avoid headaches during installation.



Bolt Patterns are a Big Help

Before Installation, we find that it greatly helps to study the bolt pattern of your newly purchased Headlight as it will give you insight as to how to properly install your purchase. As well, this will be an excellent opportunity to compare the overall shape and size of your newly purchased Headlight with your Factory Units to ensure that you have purchased the correct Item for your particular vehicle model and year.



Put it to the Test

If at all possible, with your vehicle's factory Headlights still installed, we recommend disconnecting your vehicle's Factory Headlight Connector from your Factory Headlights and connecting it to your newly purchased Headlights. Be sure to run through all the features (Low Beam, Stay On High Beam,  Flash High Beam, Turn Signals, Parking Lights) to ensure a successful and rewarding installation.





You've just installed your Headlights and your car is looking better than ever! Here's what we recommend to keep your headlights looking showroom new for some time to come:


Remember to Register: Vehicle Lighting components, and Headlights in particular, can be among the biggest investments you will make on your vehicle and it only makes sense to make sure they are protected. Registering your lighting purchase with us is the best way to ensure that you have the best support and resources at your fingertips to assist with any concerns you may have. Registering is easy and free - simply scan the QR Code on your Purchase Card and fill out the customer information fields.



Final Rehearsal: With the lighting components installed on the vehicle, we recommend 1 final functionality test. For Headlights this would include (Low Beam, Flash High Beam, Stay On High Beam, Turn Signals, Parking Lights) to ensure that you or your installer has properly connected all connectors. You want to be sure your vehicle is ready to show, but more importantly ready for the road.



Wait before you Wash: As tempting as it may be to wash your car immediately after the install to see its updated look in all its glory, doing so may actually cause headaches down the line. Newly installed lighting components actually require a 2 week break in period to properly acclimate to their new surroundings. Washing your vehicle before the end of this period can actually provoke condensation issues.



One Month Checkup: As with any newly purchased component, it is important to be proactive with regards to proper care. As such we also recommend a quick look over of the Headlights at about the 1 month mark to ensure that everything is as it should be. Well kept lighting components are the key to long lasting components.





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